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Our Expertise- DeVops Engineer

DeVops Engineer is a role that we constantly look to fill up in the companies we work with. This position is responsible for developing, provisioning and testing application deployment automation and orchestration. The desired qualification is experience in designing or configuring systems and/or applications with a strong understanding and practical working knowledge of Unix Shell Scripting, AWS, Java, Python, Jenkins, Git, Maven and Docker.

our expertise-DevOps Engineer
our expertise-Aws Cloud Engineer

AWS Cloud Engineer

An AWS engineer is an IT professional who creates, maintains, and evolves an AWS cloud infrastructure for running applications. The individual will be responsible for the planning, implementation, and growth of the AWS cloud infrastructure, building, releasing, and managing the configuration of all production systems, managing a continuous integration and deployment methodology for server-based technologies, working alongside architecture and engineering teams to design and implement any scalable software services and ensuring necessary system security by using best in class cloud security solutions.

Azure Engineer

An azure engineer should be adept at handling Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines, deploying Azure VMs (Windows Server and Linux) in a highly available environment, perform configuration management and disaster recovery tasks on your new environment, do Microsoft Azure IaaS Monitoring and Management, manage and monitor IaaS deployments by Log Analytics and Log Search to “drill down” into the most important data in your IaaS systems, proficient in using PowerShell to deploy resources and repeatable deployments with ARM templates, Work on Microsoft Azure Networking and design virtual networks to support workloads with the highest security and performance.

our expertise-Azure Enginee
our expertise-Java Developer

Java Developer

An engineer who is highly proficient in Java (Core Java, J2EE),Java 8 in backend,with experience with AWS,experience building REST APIs and JSON,Angular 7+ in Front end,HTML or CSS or JavaScript,Spring Boot is needed.

Java/React Full Stack Developer

The developer needs to help maintain the existing Java applications and guide development of the next generation tools. The right individual for this role must be capable of building applications in Java, using modern architecture and be hands on in Object Oriented Languages (Java, C# and Go), Cloud Based Technologies (AWS, DevOps and Serverless), Front End Frameworks (Angular, React JS, Spring Boot, Spring React, Node.js), Cutting Edge Data Tools (Python, Spark, Machine Learning) and Next Generation technologies (AI, Blockchain) etc.The candidate needs to work with the architects and development lead, document and develop best practices for development, and deployment of applications, and work with members to faster growth within the team.

our expertise-Java/React fullstack developer
our expertise-Java/Angular full stack developer

Java/Angular Full Stack Developer

The ideal candidate for this job needs to have solid working experience in Java and J2EE development skills and understanding of the collections frameworks, working experience in developing web services using HTTP REST/JSON and SOAP and working experience in Oracle PL/SQL. The individual needs to know object-oriented and service-oriented design concepts, including knowledge of data transfer objects and associated design patterns and have experience with Angular Framework, JavaScript, and CSS. The individual needs to have comprehensive knowledge of Web design patterns and front end technologies like HTML5, JQuery and MVC framework like spring and Spring Boot, detailed knowledge of browser DOM with direct manipulation and hands-on experience with unit testing and working with continuous integration environments.

.Net Developer

.Net developer is a technical professional who works on creating, designing and implementing software applications using .Net platform technologies. .Net platform used to work only for Windows but now with the introduction of http://ASP.NET, the dot net developer can create applications that can be run on different platforms like Linux, macOS, and Windows. For this job role, an engineer with a bachelors in information systems, computer science and information technology who can perform technical and functional analysis, and contributes to systems design for applications is needed.

our expertise-.net developer
Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer
our expertise-Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer

Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer

The engineer we look for to fill up this role needs to have experience in Python programming using Pandas, NumPy, Scikit, Keras, Tensorflow and similar libraries and know programming under functional and object oriented paradigm.The candidate needs to have knowledge of traditional machine learning algorithms (Random forests/SVM) and Deep learning (deep, convolutional and recurrent networks) with special emphasis on LSTM-based networks, and have hands-on experience.

Data Engineer

As a Data Engineer, a candidate will be required to develop, maintain, evaluate and test big data solutions and be involved in data engineering activities like Creating pipelines/workflows for Source to Target. Their responsibilities will include being involved in the design of data solutions using Hadoop based technologies along with Hadoop, Azure, process the data with Hadoop, Scala, SQL Database, Spark, ML, IoT, develop programs in Scala and Python as part of data cleaning and processing, to design and develop distributed, high volume, high velocity multi-threaded event processing systems, develop efficient software code for multiple use cases leveraging Python and Big Data technologies for various use cases built on the platform.

our expertise-Data Engineer
our expertise-Tableau Developer

Tableau Developer

As Tableau Developer a candidate will be responsible for serving as a technical resource for specific departments or functional areas. Our expertise work within their respective areas to develop and modify reports and dashboards, provide connections to new and existing data sources, prepare data for use in Tableau, develop extracts, publish data sources and workbooks, develop custom scripts, coordinate releases of data and workbooks, as well as perform complex technical tasks such as integration with R. The role of a Tableau Developer in the SSA Program is to Design, Develop, Publish, Test and Troubleshoot Dashboards and Data Sources. Developer also acts as the secondary point of contact from their department to communicate and co-ordinate with different stakeholders including Functional Users, Tableau Admin Team, Database Administrators, and Data Governance Team etc.

Big Data Developer

Big data refers to a large amount of data that is generated on the internet. This data can be from any source such as social media posts, sensors, online videos, digital images, online purchase transaction records, mobile phones, traffic on different websites, email messages, and so on. Big Data Developers are responsible for the actual coding or programming of Hadoop applications, quite similar to a Software Developer. Our expertise could work on trillions of bytes of data each day with the help of different programming languages like Java, C++, Ruby, etc. along with several databases. Their job requires them to explore configuring hybrid connectivity between on-premises environments and Azure, monitor network performance to comply with service-level agreements, automate Deployment and Scale of Azure IaaS Solution script, automate and scale Azure deployments and dive into automation technology options within Azure.

our expertise-Big Data Developer
our expertise-Database Developer

Database Developer

Database Developers are typically employed in the IT department of large corporations or independent IT firms to assess a company’s data processing needs and produce appropriate digital infrastructure. Our Expertise main responsibility is to analyze the needs of an organization and produce an effective database system according to their needs and specifications. This includes collecting data, analyzing the data, designing algorithms, drawing flowcharts and implementing code for the logic developed through the algorithms and flowcharts. A database developer must be able to run performance testing procedures to ensure proper operations of a database and to ensure that it’s error-free.

Project Manager

For the position of Project Manager an individual with experience in engineering project management in fast-paced, cross-functional and complex environments, specifically, extensive experience as the single program manager leading medium to large projects from inception to deployment is needed. They need to have advanced program management skills with the ability to lead, plan, organize, anticipate road blocks, mitigate them and drive results.

our expertise-Project Manager
our expertise-Scrum Master

Scrum Master

For this job role, an individual needs to have demonstrated expertise in application of Agile Scrum Principles, including use of Jira to adhere to project timelines, he/she must have proven ability to drive teams to success using Agile Scrum Kanban Lean practices, have Project Management expertise, be able to coach a team and partners on Agile practices and ensure alignment to Agile methodology, be a certified Scrum Master, be comfortable working with business partners coaching and guiding them through agile requirements writing, communicate clearly and have the ability to deliver complex messages and guide new concepts and be skilled at coaching and mentoring teams to improve progress and potential.

Business Analyst

The required qualification is a proven track record and practical application of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) as defined by the International Institute of Business Analysis and an understanding of Waterfall and Agile methodologies and experience implementing projects using them.

our expertise-Business Analyst
our expertise-Product Owner

Product Owner

A product owner is responsible for innovation and end-to-end launch of products. The individual collaborates with global commercial services partners and customers to co-develop a roadmap and drive products and features from concept to launch in a fast-paced environment. Our Expertise work with cross-functional teams and various stakeholders, (including analytics, design/user experience, engineering, and user enablement), turn data insights into products with actionable outcomes to the ultimate customer, work in an Agile environment and continuously reviews the business needs, refine priorities, outline milestones and deliverables, and identify opportunities and risks. A Product owner partners with stakeholders and customers across the organization to inform the product vision, strategy, features, and prioritization and develops, owns, and executes product roadmap.

Safe/Agile Coach

Agile is a project management approach that focuses on using short development cycles (called ‘sprints’) that allow projects to adapt to rapidly changing environments, in a highly collaborative manner. The Agile Coach is the person who is responsible for creating and improving these agile processes within a team or a company. The individual needs to work with project teams to analyze current systems and processes and design a strategy for the adoption of agile best practices and guide teams to help them stay on track with agile techniques, fine-tuning approaches as needed to ensure the overall strategy is being met.

our expertise-Safe/Agile Coach
our expertise-Python Developer

Python Developer

The candidate for this role needs to have excellent programming fundamentals in Python, work experience in Web Development using Ruby on Rails or similar technologies, familiarity with SQL Database and be a proficient user of Git.